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I needed to make a second model gnome- an older and much less friendly character.


I like the idea that over time a gnome’s nose gets longer from rolling around; that they are born with snub noses that descend. I also decided to give him a receding hairline (mossline) and some facial hair to denote age.

Using the same process as before I made a model of my character sketch;



I used quick drying super glue to make it look like my second gnome was salivating, READY TO ATTACK



My final piece is going to be a collection of photographs found on a discarded camera/smartphone in the woods. Supposedly a jogger happened upon a strange creature during his morning run and -finding it surprising friendly- took a series of photographs before encountering a much less amiable member of the same species and meeting an untimely demise. Perhaps his body was found nearby, perhaps not.











Face painted, eyebrows stuck on. One ear is not yet dry enough for me to paint it as I made it a day later than the rest. Oops. When it’s dry I will finish the painting and glue the rest of the moss over the exposed polystyrene. I had been pretty stuck on what to use for teeth. I had decided that he needed uneven molars as he would be herbivore and eventually had the idea of using little pieces of rock. I will stick these into the mouth with tweezers and superglue once the moss is stuck and dried.



I surprisingly really like the eyes, they make him look kindly and the red of the irises makes him look less human.

ImageI┬ástarted painting the face and ears with acrylic paint…


I bought a couple of polystyrene eggs, some air-dry clay for the face and ears and a few glass toy eyes.



Unfortunately I could only find one kind of eyes in the several craft stores I visited, they were a lot larger than I wanted them to be and amber coloured. I had to make the face larger and the nose thinner than originally planned in order to accomodate the scale of the new eyes. They looked pretty ridiculous when I was planning it out, but I decided to use them anyway hoping they would look better once they had eyelids and were set back in face, and order some smaller ones from the internet if he continued to look like a delirious conjunctivitis patient


I dug out the eyes and mouth so I could set the eyes further back in the face and to give the clay a rougher surface to stick to.