The Pickwick Blogs

I have been so excited to be working on this summer project before I start at Kingston, mostly because it’s given me SOMETHING TO DO but also because it’s all about characterisation.

We’ve been given The Pickwick Papers as a starting point; famous for its host of distinct and memorable characters and been asked to create a comprehensive character of our own and demonstrate their interests and personality through a short narrative.

I’ve got to admit, I’ve never been a huge fan of Dickens. I’ve always found his lengthy and incredibly detailed description of his characters somewhat jarring, often leaving me (after several pages describing the precise angle of his nostrils) with a static, incredibly structured image floating almost disembodied in a much less developed environment. I prefer it in literature if I am allowed a little bit of control over the visuals.

Looking through various illustrations, I find it interesting how few differences there are between different artists’ interpretations of Dickens’ characters. Despite having such humorous and exaggerated features, his characters have such depth of personality and decisive appearance that they could be real people; the illustrations could be actual portraiture.


Mr Pickwick by Hablot Knight Browne
Mr Pickwick by Joseph Clayton Clarke


Mr Pickwick by Robert Seymour


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