My first thoughts when thinking of creating a wood dwelling fictional character were of Radagast the Brown.

I really loved the look of Radagast in the recent adaptation of J. R. R. Tolkein’s The Hobbit movie, so in tune with nature that he almost looks like a part of the forest himself; a bird has even nested in his hair and excreted down the side of his face. I would like my character to be less humanoid than Radagast. I like the idea of my character being a part of the forest, heavily camouflaged and a natural part of the ecosystem- something that humans are not yet aware of.

I started to look at various representations of trolls as, in most folklore, they fit pretty well into my idea of a creature that humans are unaware of, lives in the woods and can sometimes literally comprise the landscape, as they turn to stone when exposed to the sun. In Scandinavia notable landmarks are sometimes said to actually be trolls that have been petrified. This research led me to John Bauer’s beautiful illustrations. I love the character in his trolls’ faces, how kindly they look, and their bodies look like a part of their own terrain. I also love the long and/or bulbous noses and cragged faces.


I like the idea of my character being mostly formless; maybe due to the fact that his body is covered in hair or some kind of fauna. This would also make it easier for him to be mistaken for part of a rock formation or some other part of his habitat.


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