I did some preliminary character sketches based on my research. I gave them a basic bullet shape and focused on the facial features, leaving the body almost entirely formless.


None of these initial sketches quite had the personality I wanted to portray; a younger, friendlier creature. I most liked the facial features of my 5th sketch, particularly the long nose which would make for an interesting profile. I decided to forgo the facial hair and keep the lopsided grin with the irregular tombstone teeth.


I really like this design, particularly his face; he looks young and friendly. I like the idea that his limbs are completely concealed or maybe he doesn’t have any at all and just rolls around. I might make the most of this and make his shape more rounded. I do however feel that he looks far too clean for a creature living in a cave or a hole in the ground and I don’t think he would be that camouflaged in the forest. I think in my next redesign I will change the hair to something like hay or moss.


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